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Let yourself be spoiled:
A matter of the heart

Round, attractive and scrumptious: We love knödels
Are you craving knödels? Take a look at the menu in the flat, select your favourite type of knödel, let us know, pick them up and throw them in the pot! The home-made knödels-to-go are prepared by us and then frozen, so that a small selection is always available. You can then prepare these delicious bundles of joy yourself in your flat.


South Tyrol specialities: Regional and local
Write down your shopping list, walk 50 m and then? Then you are already there – the Hitthaler store also offers a great selection of regional food.


Dining: Mhmmm!
Occasionally you should and must let yourself be pampered, you are on holiday! Therefore we have our small, yet very helpful, list of recommendations if you want to try something new …


  • Breakfast: Tiefrastenhütte (Terento), Lerchnhof (Valdaora), Sennibar (Brunico)
  • Gourmets: Restaurant Schöneck (Issengo), Restaurant Tanzer (Falzes), Restaurant Sichelburg (Falzes), Gasthof Oberraut (Perca), La Passion (Vandoies di Sopra), Restaurant Cosmo (Brunico), Restaurant Waink‘s (Brunico), b. local (Brunico), Rischon (Riscone)
  • Pizza fans: Sportbar Pfalzen, Pizzeria Winkler (Grimaldo), Restaurant Issinger Weiher (Issengo), Restaurant & Brauerei Rienzbräu, Der Keller (Brunico)
  • Traditional: Gasthaus Irenberg (Falzes), Lerchner´s in Runggen (San Lorenzo), Messnerhof (Santo Stefano
  • Meat lovers: Steakhouse Hardimitzn (Riscone), Pims (Vandoies), Bernardi (Brunico), Finix (Falzes)
Grilled cheese

Psssst! Insider tips! Probably …

  • … the best ice cream: Marlu in Brunico
  • … the best cakes and pies: Pyramidenkaffee in Perca
  • … the best beer: Brauerei Rienzbräu in Brunico
  • … the best patisserie: Acherer in Brunico
  • … the breeziest bar in summer: Gänseliesl in Brunico



Light as a feather.
Time flies,
but the moment is timeless.

(Leonardo da Vinci)

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